Donate Items

Update: We are in need of donations for men’s and women’s clothing for the Fall and Winter months. We are also accepting furniture, home decor, shoes/boots, and Fall/Halloween items. Currently we are not accepting bedding. Please check back regarding these items. (We ask that you hold on to these items until we can accept donations again. We don’t have space for them in the store or an area to store them.). We are accepting furniture (we pick up furniture in Butler), home decors, jewelry, purses, shoes, kitchenware and small kitchen appliances. Please follow our guideline below.

Steps to Donating Items

  1. Review the list of accepted items (and not accepted items) from the list below before you bundle things up to bring.
  2. For drop off items: No women’s clothes at this time. Other items on our list below may be dropped off at our store during store hours only! Come to the back of the store and ring the bell. A staff member will assist you. Please give them time to come to the door. Do not leave items at the door.
  3. For pick up items: Please call us at 724-256-9838 to schedule a pick up (Butler only) of furniture. Starting February 1, we will be charging $50 for large item pickup service. If you leave a message, we’ll call you back. If you have furniture to donate, we will pick up furniture donations in Butler. We pick up items on Tuesday and Friday. We start pickups at 10 am.
  4. If you need a receipt to claim your donations on your income taxes, fill out our Donation Receipt form.
  5. Use our Donation Valuation guide to value your donated items and deduct on your tax form.

Items We Can Accept:

  • Salable kitchenware, dishes, pans
  • Men’s and women’s fall and winter clothing.
  • Shoes/boots
  • Home Decor and decorative items (except bedding) – especially Fall and Halloween
  • Books and DVD’s,
  • Small household appliances (coffee pots, microwaves, blenders, etc)
  • Tools
  • Furniture (living room, bedroom, dining room, coffee tables, end tables, tv stands, etc)
  • Toys
  • Curtains and curtain rods
  • Jewelry, hand bags, wallets, belts, etc
  • Holiday decorations

Items We Cannot Accept:

  • No bedding at this time.
  • Goods that has been banned or does not meet safety standards
  • Hazardous materials, such as batteries, gasoline, tires, oil, paint, pesticides, chemicals, household cleaning supplies, medicine, and syringes
  • Guns, knives, or ammunition
  • Building and/or construction materials
  • Mattresses, box springs, waterbeds and accessories, hospital or mechanical beds, carpeting
  • Children car seats and cribs
  • Clothing not meeting the criteria listed above

Furniture and Big Item Pickup

We will pick up furniture and large item donations in Butler. We pick up items on Tuesday and Friday for a $50 fee. We start pickups at 10:00 am. Please call us at 724-256-9838 to schedule. We currently are only picking up in Butler, but are hoping to get help to add other areas.